CHARLOTTE (64 of 67)

shortlisted in the Poetry Kit Summer Competition 2017:

Vogue Poetic Justice cut-up

poet, model getting a farther reach
poet, model almost 2 million
poet, model poet husband
splashed across the hoodie she is wearing 
bored with people not having huge social-media followings 
bored with people not having lucrative book deals
bored with people not having her own materials 


the general public is huge
the general public is lucrative 
the general public is at music venues 
and beyond that it’s people happening online – on YouTube and 
Aside from writing and performing
There’s no doubt that the lucrative book deals
have landed by the power a poem can carry
off the back of poets, kind of like Factory Records 


Milk and Honey has sold interest in poetry 
has sold what I really care about 
2 million copies worldwide, she says
2 million copies worldwide, by the power a poem can carry.
the general public is getting a farther reach 
a close-knit Instagram
so-called “Instapoets” tune in and tune out
so-called “Instapoets” stay on the fringes and be underground 
Aside from writing and performing for an elitist few.


It’s the loudest says Selina 
It’s trap music, rave music, electronic music
she continues it’s for an elitist few. 
DJs perform alongside poets who share poet husband 
and her appetite for poetry – last year 
is published this month. but it’s working for now 
writing and performing surprised huge social-media followings 
This month, she says, it was a bit of an experiment 
This month, sales surpassed £10 million


eight new authors in between music and poetry 
eight new authors in earnest
eight new authors in at the moment
people thinking about the Beat people 
people at music venues, and beyond 
people happening online 
people on Soundcloud, she continues
people getting a farther reach.


People tune in and tune out –
by the same idea of making poetry a passive 
power a whole philosophy behind the press
carry a drink and talking to your mates and People 
on YouTube and for an elitist few. 
but it’s working for now- we’ve sold People
poetry is where I hear them People 
London’s most exciting and progressive People 
same idea of making poetry a passive People 


Poetic justice wordle