63 Variations on the body


The project “58 (+1) Indices On The Body” is a collaboration between the artistic collective AMAE and the artist Pier Giorgio De Pinto with the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy. The topics come from the treatise 58 Indices sur le Corps (58 Indices on the Body), written in 2006 by Jean-Luc Nancy and related to his book Corpus.

AMAE released downloadable recordings featuring Jean-Luc Nancy’s voice reading his 58 Indices on the Body, in order to turn the text into music. In anticipation of the making of a documentary about the whole project, they opened a call for composers to create a background track for each statement – written and recorded by the philosopher.

Candidates could choose a statement, or more than one (up to a maximum of three), for which to develop a musical accompaniment. From all eligible applicants, a total of 63 tracks were chosen.

The applications were judged for the originality, creativity, artistic vision, and craft represented by the compositions submitted.

I submitted three tracks, accompanying Nancy’s voice recording for Indices 18, 46 and 54.

AMAE chose my tracks for Indices 18 and 46.



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