Framework Radio

Framework Radio in Estonia has featured my piece in 3 movements Concrete Victoria in its current edition, which aired first on resonancefm in London on Sunday 19th March at 11pm local time. It will now air on several other independent radio stations, and stream and podcast throughout the week from the framework website…

Enjoy the show!

Framework is produced and hosted by Patrick McKinley. Patrick (aka murmer) is an American-born sound, performance, and radio artist who has been based in Europe since 1996.

Framework began broadcasting in June 2002 on the newly reformed resonance 104.4fm in london. The show now airs on twelve radio stations around the world, with regular new additions to its broadcast family, and streams and podcasts on its own website. Framework is consecrated to field recording and its use in composition, and hopes to ask this question: is ‘field recording’ a style, a genre, or as uncontrollable and undefinable an instrument or tool as any, that may be interpreted, manipulated, and appropriated by anyone with a microphone and an idea?



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