Dispatchwork Riga

I discovered Jan Vormann’s art technique of using plastic construction pieces to repair and fill holes in broken walls at the fantastic Hidden Heroes exhibition at Fold in Riga in late 2014.

Lego was one of the 36 small but significant objects which have been ubiquitous in modern life featured in the exhibition.

I wanted to try a spot of dispatching myself, so found a corner of the Zolitūde district of Riga to brighten up with some Lego.

See more of my photos on Jan’s website.


Dispatch Jan 15 b


Dispatch Jan 15 g





I was honoured to do a little of the work on A Sagittariun’s second album Elasticity, which was released at the end of April 2016.

The third track on the album is one of the four dialogue samples that Sagi chose to be ‘Transmissions’, part of Jesse Jackson’s 1988 Democratic National Convention address. I did the soundscaping.

The final track is a soundscaped clip that I took as a field recording at Myrtle Avenue subway station in Brooklyn, from a trip Sagi and I made with our friend Shashi to New York in January.

Resident Advisor continued A Sagittariun’s straight review run of 4/5.

Vieng Xai / Bayon

Click here to read two of my poems about the former capital of Laos, heavily bombed during the Vietnam War, and the Bayon Temple at Angkor. Published by Eastlit.